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You Can Keep Track of Your Gum Disease by Using a Smartphone App

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
You Can Keep Track of Your Gum Disease by Using a Smartphone AppWhile you should brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes per session and floss your teeth once a day for 2 minutes, most adults in the U.S. do not follow these basic dental guidelines. Research reveals that approximately 49% of men and around 56% of women do not brush their teeth twice a day and only half of the people in the U.S. floss at least once daily. Fortunately, smartphone apps make it possible for people to develop better dental habits.

How Smartphone Apps Work for Periodontal Health

We rely on our smartphones for almost everything. However, did you realize that you can use a smartphone app to improve your habits with respect to oral hygiene? You can download smartphone apps to remind you to brush, to encourage you to brush longer, and to remind you to floss.

How Does a Smartphone App Generally Work?

Therefore, most of the periodontal smartphone apps encourage the user to take up good daily dental habits. In fact, many apps include a 2-minute timer that you can use when brushing or flossing. The apps, as noted, can also be programmed to send reminders about brushing and flossing, when to replace your toothbrush, or not to forget your periodontal appointment. However, to treat gum disease, an app includes even more features.

Using a Periodontal Smartphone App

One periodontal smartphone app serves as your periodontal coach when you brush your teeth. The app is designed to give you a clear picture about your tooth brushing habits so you take better care of your teeth. For example, apps feature sensors that tell patients if they are brushing too hard or brushing too lightly. They also provide you with real-time information about your brushing technique so you can perfect it. In addition, today's innovative smartphone apps include mapping features so you do not miss any areas in your mouth.

Besides using a smartphone app for periodontal care, check with us about scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive periodontal evaluation (CPE). Make sure you cover all your bases when it comes to gum health and care.
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