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Dental Tips For Your Holidays

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
Dental Tips For Your HolidaysDuring the holidays, you want to travel to see your family, offer special gifts, and indulge in your favorite food and drinks. Although it is a special time for the family, it can bring problems to your oral health. The sugary foods and drinks you are consuming can cause harm to the teeth. Therefore, it is crucial you limit the intake of these drinks and foods and ensure you keep up with your oral hygiene. Following these steps can help your dental health remain at its best during the holidays.


It's normal to overindulge in food and drinks, particularly during the holidays. As a result, you need to brush more to help rid the mouth of bacteria and food particles. Make sure you brush both your teeth tongue properly. The tongue is one part of the mouth that many people overlook when brushing. Unfortunately, it is a major breeding ground for bacteria and plaque.


You need to keep pace with your flossing routine, particularly during the time of holidays. Since you are likely to consume more food than you usually do, ensure you floss each day to ensure your mouth stays clean. If you are on the go, ensure you have floss picks in your bag. Floss picks help do away with the hassle of wrapping a string around the fingers. You are therefore able to quickly pick bacteria and food particles out of the mouth after snacking and eating.


Hydrating your body is important, especially if you are at dinners and parties where alcohol drinking is involved. Make sure you drink water throughout, even when you aren't thirsty. If it's cold, try to drink room temperature water instead of cold water. Drinking water increases saliva production that helps naturally cleanse your mouth of food particles and bacteria.

Get a Checkup before Holidays

Make sure you visit a dentist before the holiday to see if you have dental issues. If you have not seen a dentist in a while, it is your opportunity to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. You will have peace of mind in your holiday season knowing you have strong and healthy teeth to allow you to enjoy your holiday feast. Find out more about keeping abreast with your dental health during holidays. Schedule a checkup and cleaning appointment today. And don't forget to travel with your dental kit.
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