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Oral or IV Sedation: Which One is Right for You?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
Oral or IV Sedation: Which One is Right for You?For many patients, visiting a dentist seems to be the last thing they want to think about. Dental anxiety is real and continues to keep many individuals from receiving the care they need. But going to a dentist doesn't have to be frightening. Sedation dentistry provides a solution. Oral and IV sedation help improve your dental visit's experiences. Patients don't have to fret about painful treatment procedures anymore. In fact, today's dental procedures are almost pain-free – thanks to sedation dentistry.

Oral Sedation

A safe, effective prescribed oral sedation makes a big difference in how you expect your dental visit to be. It is a commonly prescribed medication that allows you to remain completely relaxed on your dental appointment. Before you visit a dentist, you take the prescription as you have been instructed. Therefore, by the time you get to the office and sit on the dentist's chair, the effects of oral sedation are already kicking in. During your treatment, you will be relaxed, comfortable, and also stress-free. If you are receiving oral sedation for your dental treatment, you may want to get someone to drop you and pick you up from the office because the medication takes time to wear off.

IV Sedation

Also referred to as intravenous sedation, IV sedation is administered through an IV tube. It's a great option if you have moderate to severe dental anxiety. IV sedation is also the most utilized form of sedation in patients who need multiple procedures to be done in one visit. You will need assistance to get back home after the treatment because IV sedation may linger around in your body for hours after the dental procedure.

Which one is Right for You?

A dental professional is the best-placed person to determine which sedation best works for you. However, if you struggle to visit a dentist because of dental anxiety, you may consider oral sedation. It is ideal for simple treatments such as general cleanings, root canals, and filling cavities. IV sedation is much stronger, therefore, it works well for complex dental procedures or multiple procedures performed in one visit. Visit our dental office to find out what type of sedation we offer and the ones we recommend for your dental treatment.

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