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Common Causes of Gum Pain You Can Treat at Home
Posted on 3/20/2019 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
Feeling pain in your gums may have you grabbing the phone to call our dental offices for an appointment as soon as possible. Before doing that, you may want to think about whether there is a reason for the gum pain that you can find a remedy for in your own home. You may end the pain by doing...

Make A Difference on the Scale and in Your Mouth
Posted on 6/2/2018 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
One of the biggest topics that people buzz about is losing a few pounds and making healthier decisions when it comes to food. But did you know that making those changes could not only make a difference on the scale but also in your mouth? Here are 3 food tips that bring benefits to your body and...

What You Should Know About Dental Implants
Posted on 2/3/2018 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
If you are looking for an alternative to dentures and would like to replace your missing teeth, dental implants may be for you. Dental implants are a popular long-term method for restoring your smile. Many people decide to get dental implants after they have experienced loss of teeth due to variety...
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